Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What We Learned & Changes to be Make

Overall Feedback
  • Bigger graphics on bed bu page 
  • Add based out of Columbus, Ohio in content (contact us) 
  • Change bed bug pictures, tone them down
  • Pricing, make bigger/different color text 
    • Make subtitles bigger
What we planned to change
  • We are going to look for images than aren't as graphic as the ones we have, but still represent the service being offer. 
  • Re-design the pricing layout/info 
  • Re-design the text layout 
    • Tittles 
    • Subtitles 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Four Paws Identity Plan

As we reviewed and researched User Experience for Four Paws, we came up with a strategy that will hopefully help progress the identity of the company.

Business Name:
                The current name for the company is Four Paws K-9 Detection. The problem with this name is that it does not speak to their service of "Bed Bug Detection". For this reason, a slight change in the name makes part of our recommendations. We decided that Four Paws Bed Bug Detection was more suitable. We recognize that this change might cause some legal paperwork that our client might consider an inconvenience. 

Website Tagline:
            Tagline: The Premiere K-9 Bed Bug Detection Service
This tagline displays on their professionalism as well as their superiority to their competition. It also further explains what kind of service they offer. 

The current logo doesn’t really display a bed bug service. If you look at all the competitors, they all have incorporated a bug related image in their design. Because the logo lacked any sense of Bed Bugs, we revamped the logo as follows:

Based on research and common themes from class, we concluded that the current URL was too long. We suggest one of the following:
·         Fourpawsdetection.com
·         Fourpawspest.com
·         Fourpawsbedbugs.com

We did not feel that any changes needed to be made to the email address. It’s simple enough and because there is a page that links straight to the email from the website, it is not as important to change it. Fourpawsk9@yahoo.com

They currently have a Facebook page, just as the change in the Business name, we suggest making the Facebook name the same as the suggested Business name.

Four Paws prides itself on being discreet. Based on this information, we feel that Four Paws would not necessarily benefit from having a Twitter page. If they decided to, it should only be used to give out quick-tips and discounts. Also, a simple twitter handle: @FourPawsDetection

Four Paws would really benefit from having a YouTube page. People like watching videos and they would be able to link videos to their website. Also, because their service is not well known, people would benefit from seeing Marley in action. A demonstration will help show people what Four Paws is about.



Chase Visit Reflection

The visit to the JP Morgan Chase building was very impressive. I was overwhelmed by the size of the building and how they fit so many things within its walls. I thought some of the work space would be a little more open (like group meeting rooms), but once the set-up was explained, I understood. It was interested in seeing how important User Experience was to JP Morgan Chase, internally and externally.
Bug Zappers Web

One of the major takeaways I took from our class visit to Chase has to do with the relevance and implications of "culture. Our "tour guy/ladies" mentioned how designing for, and understanding user interface in a different culture than the one they constantly deal with -Western one- brings challenges and interesting learning experiences for them. An example was given on how the gesture of "thumbs-up" has a negative meaning in some Asian countries, whereas in the U.S is perfectly fine to implement this visual aid on logos, social media (i.e. Facebook "Like"), advertisement and so on. 
Also, as Devin, I was amazed by the building infrastructure, and the range of services that employees have available for them on site -Two cafeterias, nice coffee shop, shoe repair, dry cleaner, and of course an ATM!